504 Reasonable Accommodations

A reasonable accommodation is a change, exception or adjustment that the HACLA makes to its rules, policies, practices, procedures or to its housing units or common areas that will provide a person with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the programs administered by the HACLA.

It is the policy of the HACLA to provide equal opportunity for all individuals, (including individuals with disabilities and families that include a member with disabilities), to participate in and benefit from programs that are administered by the HACLA. The HACLA will provide reasonable accommodations under all its programs, properties, and related facilities in accordance with the Reasonable Accommodations policy. The HACLA will seek to identify and eliminate conditions that create barriers to equal opportunity and, whenever possible, will make physical and procedural changes in order to reasonably accommodate people with disabilities.

This policy applies to all clients of HACLA programs. 

Interactive Process

HACLA staff will engage in discussion with the family to determine what policy exception or reasonable accommodation is being requested and to identify acceptable alternative accommodations if necessary. For the Section 8 program only, if the owner refuses to allow a reasonable accommodation, the Advisor or Ombudsperson will provide the family information on how to file a housing discrimination complaint and/or refer the participant to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), or a Fair Housing agency to make a complaint.

Tenant-Based Section 8 Department Programs

The HACLA encourages owners to provide accessible units and reasonable accommodations to Section 8 Program applicants and participants. Households with a disabled member may request owner approval for unit modifications.  Clients are encouraged to consult with disability rights specialists and/or the HACLA website www.hacla.org/504 for information regarding tenant/landlord responsibilities regarding unit/common area modifications. The HACLA’s contracts shall include the necessary language to assure nondiscrimination. In addition, the HACLA maintains a list of properties which owners have described as accessible to its Section 8 Program applicant and participant families.

Policy Documents & Forms:
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Policy MPP 125:1 MPP 125-SP MPP 125-AR MPP 125-RU
Procedure MPP 125-1A MPP 125-1A-SP MPP 125-1A-AR MPP 125-1A-RU
General Information Form S 504-01 S 504-01-SP S 504-01-AR S 504-01-RU
Request Form S 504-02 S 504-02-SP S 504-02-AR S 504-02-RU
Grievance Form S 504-08 S 504-08-SP S 504-08-AR S 504-08-RU

Assistance For :

Section 8

If you are a section 8 participant and you have questions about reasonable accommodations you may contact your advisor or the following ombudspersons:

Serina Cannon                    (213) 252-1613
Billye Fairley                        (213) 252-2668
Jose Gutierrez                     (213) 252-2596

Legal References

This policy incorporates by reference and complies fully with the:

Fair Housing Act Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Fair Housing Act)


Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

The Americans with Disabilities Act

Unruh Act

California Fair Employment and Housing Act

Joint Statement of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Justice

Additional Information
If you believe you have been discriminated by your landlord or in purchasing or renting a property, you may file a fair housing complaint at the following link:


504 Coordinator
You can email the 504 Coordinator at
[email protected]