Welcome and thank you for visiting the Doing Business with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) pages. The information on these pages is intended to help interested businesses learn about HACLA, its procurement process and assist its current vendors with their questions.

HACLA procures over $24 million a year of supplies, equipment, construction and consulting services in compliance with applicable federal and/or state laws, and HACLA’s Procurement Policy. We want to do business with responsible and qualified businesses who can provide the Authority the goods and services it requires to operate. We welcome the opportunity to work with Minority Owned Business Enterprises (MBE), Women Owned Enterprises (WBE), Small Business Enterprises (SBE), Labor Surplus Area and Section 3 Businesses.

The Department of General Services oversees the procurement process for the agency. Explore the website resources and contact us at Hacla.iSupplier@hacla.org for further guidance.