Monique Udeh's Path to Homeownership

Monique Udeh's Path to Homeownership

Monique Udeh immigrated to the United States in 1999 with big hopes and dreams. However, things did not turn out the way she’d hoped for—she struggled financially when her then-husband lost his job and she had to take care of her three kids alone. For a couple of years, Udeh made a living by cleaning houses, but putting food on the table, paying rent, and taking care of her children were financially difficult.

In 2004, Udeh applied for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. After waiting 5 years, she received the voucher from HACLA.  Through assistance from staff she was able to enroll in the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program which helped her map out her 5 year goals. When Udeh came into the program, her goal was to complete her school, obtain a BA degree and find a full time job in the medical field as a registered nurse.

“The FSS program helped me tremendously. It put me on the right path. I decided to go back to school full time and be more involved with my children’s school as well,” said Udeh.

Udeh met her goal and completed her BA degree in 2014 and now is working full time for LA County as an Registered Nurse earning $101,354 annually. She also met her dream goal of becoming a homeowner in May 2015.“I’m a living proof of the program. The program really does work. Recipients should also work hard to achieve their goal. The FSS Program helped and shaped me to have a definite goal,” said Udeh.

Currently, Udeh lives in her new home in Victorville, CA with her three children.

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