Rasheda McCloud's Path to Financial Stability

Rasheda McCloud's Path to Financial Stability

Rasheda McCloud was pregnant with her second daughter when she divorced her husband in 2003. McCloud explained that living life as a single mom was not easy and financially difficult.

“I thought, ‘How am I going to do this by myself. How will I support my girls?” McCloud’s path seemed uncertain until she received a phone call from the Housing Authority notifying her that she was eligible to receive housing assistance through the Section 8 program. Soon after McCloud joined the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program which helped her set her 5 year goals. Her objectives were to improve her credit score, go back to school to obtain her BA degree, and to get a full-time job.

This past year, McCloud got a full-time job at FedEx as a Customer Service Representative and is currently working towards improving her credit score. McCloud expressed her gratitude for the FSS Program and explained how informative and helpful the program was to achieve her goal.

“Don’t look at the FSS Program as an inconvenience. It is worth every Saturday morning trainings. I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities I had through this program” said McCloud.

McCloud’s next goal is to become a homeowner. “My first daughter is currently attending a community college but I wish for my second child to be able to live in a house in her youth. It was a challenge coming to where we are but we’re here now, making it.”

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