Family Self Sufficiency Program: Meet Natasha Lewis

Family Self Sufficiency Program: Meet Natasha Lewis

When Natasha began the FSS program, she was a full-time student with a part-time job at her campus. Upon completion of her Certificate in Office Clerical and receiving an Associate Degree in Computer Administration and Office Technology but with no experience with office jobs, finding a full-time job was a very difficult task. “The struggle of looking for a job made me stronger, never weaker and with the encouragement and guidance of my FSS advisors I pushed harder to complete my set goals,” said Natasha.  

“I decided to enroll in the FSS program because my ultimate goal in life is to become a homeowner for me and for my son,” said Natasha. “My goals before the program was to complete college, find a career driven job and fix my credit.” 

During her time with the FSS Program, Natasha continued to obtain her education goals and finished school. She finally got a full-time job in July of 2017 and now she is in the beginning stages of her third goal of fixing her credit, which will bring her a step closer to finding a dream home.

Life after the FSS program is moving forward for Natasha. Being a mother of an autistic child has had its struggles throughout the years and every day she pushes through to maintain stability for him. 

“The main reason for recommending joining the FSS program for others is because of the resources provided to help us have a better life for ourselves and family,” said Natasha. “My next 5-10 year goals are to finish fixing my credit, become a homeowner, send my son off to college, complete higher education for myself and to continue living life blessed and at peace knowing I made this happen.” 

Natasha currently works at Sun West Mortgage Company as a scanning Agent. 

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