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Roofing Training for Section 3 Residents
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Nov. 15, 2019 - The Garland Company provided a training session at HACLA’s Rancho San Pedro housing site. The training, coordinated with the Southern California Union Roofers Labor Management Trust (Local 22 and Local 36), provided a valuable seminar for Section 3 Residents. This was a unique opportunity for Section 3 Residents to hear first-hand from the company, the union and a career roofer about the challenges and rewards of a career in roofing, with the opportunity to register and enroll to an apprenticeship program at no cost to our residents. Moreover, Garland donated tool belts to the participants to assist in their journey.

“We are so appreciative to be a part of this program. Today’s experience was rewarding and humbling beyond measure.” said Miles Taylor, Territory Manager for The Garland Co. It was rewarding for the Section 3 Residents as well. They expressed how useful the training was and how much they valued the opportunity. The residents look forward to a successful apprenticeship program and are excited about the future.

The training was provided part of HACLA’s Section 3 program. Thanks to partners like The Garland Company, we are able to provide Section 3 Residents employment, training and other opportunities in support of their job training, employment and educational goals.

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