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Section 3 Program Vendors Support Build Hope, Inc. Scholarship Awards



On July 27, 2023 HACLA held its Eleventh Annual Build Hope, Inc. Scholarship celebration.  A total of 136 students who are entering or continuing their post-secondary education and reside in HACLA communities or are members of Section 8 supported families were awarded a total of $214,000 in scholarships to support their academic success. Some of the scholarships were made possible through generous contributions from HACLA’s Section 3 Vendors, many of whom have supported this event for years. This year’s donors were EFI Global Inc, Yardi Systems, Inc., Goldfarb and Lipman Attorneys, Reno & Cavanaugh, PLLC., Nastich Law, Citadel Environmental, JOA Group, Berman Auditors, Nan McKay & Associates, Inc., Ganahl Lumber, R&B Wholesale, and Victor Orozco Construction. Their support extended beyond providing scholarships. Many also reviewed scholarship applications, attended the Build Hope Scholarship event, and provided the young scholars with words of encouragement and praise in recognition of their impressive achievements, determination and powerful stories of overcoming adversity.

Students were accepted or continuing their educations at a variety of colleges and universities, most notably UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, USC, Yale, Loyola Marymount and the Cal State University system.

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Below are abbreviated remarks from a few of the donors who presented scholarship awards: 

“On behalf of Yardi I want to congratulate all of you on this incredible accomplishment. Clearly, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. It requires a tremendous amount of inner strength, and as you continue in your college journey there’s no doubt you will face challenges. Challenging courses, professors, school-life balance. But what’s neat is you can have peace and rejoice in knowing that you are strong and can rely on that inner strength to overcome and achieve. And as I think we all heard, De’Ja (Gordon) is a testament to that. So congratulations, wishing each of you the best, and it’s my honor to be a part of this.”

Jeff Bischoff, Senior Director, Sales, PHA, Yardi Systems, Inc.

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"NanMckay and Associates have been longtime partners of HACLA, and we are very proud supporters of the Build Hope Scholarship. You’ve all already started to make your mark and have chosen to continue on your path of higher education. Congratulations, it’s not always an easy path. We’re proud of you for continuing. You have shown grit and determination, both of which will serve you well in your educational path and into the rest of your life. I encourage you to take this grit and determination and use it to carve out your own voice. To speak out for others, to stand for what is right, to give voice to those that are not heard, and be an agent of positive change in this world. We at NanMckay and Associates are so proud of the work that you have done and are very excited to see what you will do. Congratulations.”

Sarah Waitt, Vice President of Operations, Nan McKay & Associates, Inc.

“I’m so honored to be here and so proud of you all. I know what it takes and how hard each of you have worked just to get where you’re at and to earn these scholarships, and then to earn them year after year. That should give you the confidence to really know that you can do this and remember to embrace the challenge along the way. It’s an amazing experience. You CAN do this. Listen more than you talk. Express. You want to learn from your teachers and the people you work with. People love to teach. Remember what you did yesterday. Always give 100%. Don’t be afraid to fail. Your perceived failures end up being your biggest teachers. When you feel nervous butterflies, remember that something amazing is about to happen. Share with others. Challenge yourself continuously. That’s a lesson that I use and continue to use throughout my life. And it always keeps things exciting, keeps me learning, keeps me growing. And I encourage you to do the same. And be patient. You do these things, and your career will have meaning, your life will have meaning, and you will be successful. I know that each one of you is going to make it.”

Scott Simpson, Senior Project Manager, JOA Group

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“Congratulations to everyone…. When I got to go through and read your essays, I was both impressed and inspired by your successes and your undertakings, and everything you’ve achieved and everything you continue to achieve. You should all be proud of your accomplishments and excited for what lies ahead. Continue to excel, grow, achieve, dream, stay engaged, stay motivated. You know, education is the key to a lot and you’re all on the right course. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride and have fun along the way. Looking back, college is some of the best years that I had. I hope they’re wonderful for you all as well.”

Cody Bannon, Member, Reno & Cavanaugh, PLLC

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