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HACLA believes that housing is more than just a home but a place of comfort, support and community. We believe in creating thriving environments and partner with a broad array of non-profits and services to create whole communities. At our 14 large public housing sites, we have 11 on-site early-childhood education centers, 5 on-site health clinics, 3 jobs programs, several after-school/recreation providers, and 5 college prep centers. Our Strategic Initiatives group identifies needs and develops the right solutions to address them through collaborative partnerships. This unit oversees all the contracts with outside providers, which includes tracking outcomes and obtaining regular feedback from program users to inform service models and improve resident achievement and satisfaction. If you are interested in becoming a partner or running programs in HACLA-owned space, please contact.

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Traditionally, our service providers operate programs on a year-round schedule, with after-school programming on school days, extended programming during LAUSD school breaks and summer vacations, and some weekend programming for sports-related activities. If you are a resident at one of our properties and want to know more about what services are currently available to you, please look here