Watts Rising

In 2019, HACLA as lead partner of the Watts Rising Collaborative (WRC) was awarded a $33.25 million Transformative Climate Communities Grant from the State of California’s Strategic Growth Council to deliver community revitalization projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Watts and improve the economic and public health of Watts residents.  Since the award the WRC, made up of 40+ organizations and government partners, has additionally leveraged over $160 million, to fund community-identified and prioritized infrastructure projects. These projects are focused on expanding urban agriculture and access to healthy, organic produce; providing more affordable and sustainable housing; increasing low and no-carbon transportation; increasing community green space and expanding tree canopy; and making Watts streets safer for walking and biking. 

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In 2020, Watts Rising applied for and received a $35 million Choice Neighborhoods grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to continue its work, adding funding to complete the full build out of Jordan Downs redevelopment; contribute to services that raise incomes & educational attainment and stabilize families; and added new neighborhood-wide projects and programs in Watts to build out public spaces and invest in homegrown Watts businesses and entrepreneurs. 

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The Watts Rising initiative is a collective-impact model that is community driven and intended to benefit all residents of Watts. HACLA is honored to be a part of this work with our partners and the residents of Watts.

To find out more about Watts Rising, visit the Watts Rising webpage