The Section 8 Investigations Unit (SIU) is an investigative entity charged with promoting integrity, efficiency and effectiveness of the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles’ programs and operations. This includes preventing, detecting and prosecuting waste, fraud and abuse. With the assistance of anonymous tips and fraud referrals, the SIU aims to effectively fulfill its mission.

If you would like to report someone you feel is committing housing fraud, please visit Our hotline service 1-800-461-9330 allows you to submit fraud alerts online. The service also allows you to create your own username and password to follow-up on your incident report and add to your report at a later date. Your confidential report will be instantly forwarded for review and handling. After submission, you will be able to anonymously receive and send messages pertaining to your report. All contacts are confidential and users are assured anonymity when they request it.*

NOTE: This is for HACLA contracted properties only. Provide as much information as possible so that we may accurately follow up on the report received. Helpful information includes the participant/owner:

  • Social Security number
  • Address with unit number and zip code
  • Date of birth
  • HACLA client number or vendor number

* HACLA reserves the right to act or not to act on any information provided unless required to do so by law. Furthermore, HACLA is not required to disclose its response or actions pursuant to any information that may be provided or reported. The intentional misreporting of information may be actionable and subject to criminal investigation.