Maintenance Services


When you move into your apartment, it should be clean and ready for you.  You will be provided an opportunity to inspect the unit with a management representative prior to moving in.  It is expected that you maintain the unit in the condition in which you first moved in.  If you notice any damages to the unit or issues that require maintenance, please submit a work order request immediately.  You will not be charged for any damage(s) that are caused by normal wear and tear. However, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs for any damages to your apartment caused by your household members or guests due to improper use, neglect, abuse, or carelessness. These charges will appear on your rent statement and must be paid in full with your rent.

To report a non-emergency maintenance problem inside or outside of your apartment, please request a work order by calling the Customer Call Center toll free number at (833) 422-5248 or by logging into RentCafe.

Emergency maintenance problems can be reported 24 hours a day, any day of the year by calling (833) 422-5248. Regardless of when the request was submitted, the work will be completed or abated within 24 hours.

The following are coded as “emergency”:

  • Gas leaks
  • Broken water lines
  • Toilet stoppage (When there is only one restroom in the unit.)
  • Burst water heater
  • Main line stoppage
  • Defective wall heater
  • No water throughout unit
  • Destruction of front or rear exterior door
  • Broken window and/or window lock
  • Defective or missing smoke detector
  • Collapsing wall and or ceiling
  • Exposed/frayed electrical wires, exposed fuse box connection
  • Electric failure throughout unit
  • Light wall heater pilots (Winter season only)
  • Water leaks on or near electrical equipment
  • Entry door broken and unable to lock

If you have HACLA appliances that are not in working condition or you no longer need, please contact the Customer Call Center or submit a work order request through the RentCafe. Our maintenance staff will repair the appliance or provide you with a replacement.  In the case that you no longer need the appliance that was provided to you, our staff can remove the item from your apartment.

Whether you submit the work order request online or through our Customer Contact Center, make sure to keep a record of the system generated work order number for future reference.